« I can score as many points per game and I don’t care what people think »


Regularly cited in transfer rumors, Kyle Kuzma could well leave Los Angeles this summer. Not enough to discourage the Lakers player, quite the contrary. He even made a very strong announcement for his future in the league not long ago.

Kyle Kuzma’s season is mixed to say the least. If he was able to turn at nearly 13 points per game, and he has significantly improved in defense, the Laker has shown great flaws in the playoffs, even covering himself with ridicule against the Suns. Not really something you like to have on your CV …

Suddenly, the winger has suffered a lot of criticism since the elimination of his team. An analyst even publicly destroyed it not long ago. ! Nothing to worry about, however. Indeed, he was very confident during an interview with the Bleacher Report, even making a huge announcement:

Kyle Kuzma thinks he’s capable of averaging 25 points per game and reaching All-Star status: “I really can. I really believe in it too. I don’t care what nobody thinks or says. I know myself and I know my abilities. It’s hard to be consistent in a fickle role ”.

Obviously, the n ° 0 still keeps enormous confidence in his abilities. At the same time, the tackle addressed to his coaching staff is impossible to miss, the guy believing that his role is still not clear to him. Suffice to say that he practically calls for a transfer with his words …

In any case, it seems unlikely that Kuz ‘will keep his promise by staying in LA. Good thing, it is regularly listed in trade rumors, especially in the case of DeMar DeRozan. Two franchises are already in line to acquire it. He could therefore achieve his objective far from the City of Angels.

Kyle Kuzma announces he is expected to reach superstar averages next season. It remains to be seen where he will try to fulfill his words …


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