« I ask for the indulgence of the football authorities », says Laurence Arribagé

Will the TFC be sanctioned by the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League in the coming days? It meets this Wednesday, April 27 at 6 p.m. and the invasion of the Stadium lawn by Violets supporters should be on the agenda. the festive character and the absence of violence could plead in favor of the future resident of Ligue 1. Laurence Arribagé, deputy mayor of Toulouse in charge of sports, pleads for clemency on France Bleu Occitanie this Wednesday.

« I ask the governing bodies of football to be indulgent, the Toulouse supporters were passionate, they let their joy burst. » — Laurence Arribage

Laurence Arribagé did not notice any violence on the Stadium lawn: « What I saw on this pitch were families, children, with parents, grandparents. I also heard the coach of Niort who said that he did this job to live this kind of « Emotions. I think that really, we must forget all that. We must hope that the governing bodies will be lenient, that there is no camera against Nîmes ». The reception of the Crocos will be the last home game of the TFC, on Saturday May 7 at 7 p.m.

Will the rise of the TFC be celebrated on Sunday May 8 in Toulouse, as Kamel Chibli mentioned on France Bleu Occitanie? : « I like Kamel a lot but I didn’t know he was the head of protocol for the City of Toulouse! I’m kidding of course but indeed, we are going to have a big and beautiful party but in the world of football, they are quite superstitious , so I don’t want to give a date […] one point is still missing to be French Ligue 2 Champion »replies Laurence Arribagé.

If Ajaccio, second in Ligue 2, does not win its match against Le Havre on Saturday or if the TFC wins the derby against Rodez on Monday, the Violets will be Champions of France.

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