Hype x Basket USA | The Suns shine in the shadows | NBA

In this podcast, return to the reasons for the quarrel between Isaiah Stewart and LeBron James, which has revived some memories on the side of Detroit, 14, almost to the day, after the famous and sad fight between the Pistons and the Pacers. The opportunity to wonder if LeBron James is a « dirty player » as some think …

Much calmer, and even downright discreet, the superb series of the Suns. Chris Paul’s teammates remain on 14 straight wins, and they are the only ones to keep the hellish pace of the Warriors (16 wins for 2 losses). Precisely, we are interested in the commonalities and differences between these two franchises.

This week, we wonder if the Hype of the French in the NBA has passed? Between the passage of Théo Maledon in G-League, the irregularity of Killian Hayes and the dismissal of Sekou Doumbouya, the young French people are in difficulty.

Good listening !

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