Hunting: a sport also for women!

The association « 65 Elles Chassent » was created in 2018 and aims to bring together women hunters around their passion. The members practice their activity in the Hautes Pyrénées and in the territory of Barousse.

The primary desire of « 65 Elles Chassent » is to defend all hunting methods in the territory, to talk about culture and practices as well as to determine its place in society. They are committed to maintaining an atmosphere, as well as customs. They have only one goal: the defense and respect of nature and heritage. All women are invited to meet and join, even those who do not hunt. The « 65, Elles Chassent » association participates in numerous shows and fairs, hence the need for volunteers to animate the quizzes offered to children, with prizes offered by the Hautes-Pyrénées departmental council and the hunting federation. , but different free draws several times a day during the event.

Currently, the association has 21 members. They hunt according to their attraction to hunt feathers or deer, in the plains or in the mountains. You can contact the president Pascale Mounic at 06 88 58 27 15 or by email at pascale.mounic67, or the secretary Isabelle Coignard at 06 30 94 65 47 or by email:

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