Humiliated by the Warriors, LeBron James smashes his supporting cast!

Unable to go the distance against the Warriors, the Lakers kicked off their season with a heavy beating. Obviously unhappy with this result, LeBron James has already released the rocket launcher at a press conference, openly criticizing his roster!

Very proud and excited at the idea of ​​​​starting his Year 20 in the league, he had for the occasion decided to wear a white suit worthy of the one worn during his draft. This was a bit of a stain at the end of the Opening Night, the scene of a first heavy setback for the Lakers (summary here). It is therefore with a slightly crestfallen expression that LeBron James answered numerous questions from journalists after the fact.

Author of a complete match with 31 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists, the King first delivered a resolutely optimistic observation concerning the meeting and its progress:

There have been good things, not so good things, but that’s what happens when a team plays together for the first time. But at the end of the day, I really liked the way we fought.

LeBron James is already kicking off the Lakers’ offseason

Led by 27 points during the 3rd quarter, the Angelinos may have believed themselves capable of signing an incredible comeback in the last minutes. In the end, they will never have managed to return below the bar of 10 points behind, in particular weighed down by their clumsiness at 3 points (10/40). A regrettable data on which LeBron returned without filter, with an undisguised tackle on the constitution of the workforce:

We were able to create good shots, but it could also be the opposing teams who voluntarily leave us these good shots. To be completely honest, we’re not a team built with great shooters. It is only the truth. It’s not like we have snipers. When we have good shots like that, we have to take them, but we don’t have players at 40% or more at 3 points in their career.

A viral release which logically made its nickname “LeGM” spill over to the networks, but which seems above all intended for its leaders, and more particularly for Rob Pelinka. Often surrounded by gunners in his previous franchises, LBJ can no longer rely on the skill of his teammates when he finds them unmarked behind the arc. An observation that could, like last year, lead to their loss!

If he rightly seems to be in the lot, LeBron James regrets the lack of shooters in the ranks of the Lakers, he who has so often served on a set of such players in the past. To see if these words will lead to the arrival of new recruits in LA!

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