Huge surprise, Donovan Mitchell traded in the East… but not with the Knicks!

Courted by the Knicks for a few weeks, Donovan Mitchell dreamed of going to the Big Apple or Florida. His trade has just seen the light of day this Thursday evening, except that he will not go to the destination of his choice. The Jazz have negotiated an agreement with… the Cavaliers!

After Rudy Gobert, we suspected that Donovan Mitchell was going to be the next Jazz trader. Danny Ainge has clearly opened the door to his departure, mostly negotiating with the Knicks. However, it was impossible to reach an agreement with the New York franchise, which did not wish to make the necessary efforts to recruit him.

Results ? As some fans might have feared, another team took advantage. We have just learned thanks to Adrian Wojnarowski that it is the Cavaliers who have recovered the star. A few first draft rounds in the lot, in addition to Lauri Markkanen, Colin Sexton and finally Ochai Agbaji according to Chris Haynes.

Full Trade: Utah sends Donovan Mitchell to Cleveland for Lauri Markkanen, Ochair Agbaji, Collin Sexton, three unprotected first-round draft picks and two swaps.

A real surprise for the back, since the Cavaliers almost come out of nowhere. The franchise had been cited a few times, but not very seriously. Spida will in any case play in Ohio next year.

Donovan Mitchell will not play the Knicks next year, nor the Heat. He joins the young armada of Cleveland, with the firm intention of taking this team to the heights of the East. It’s time to prove that he can turn a corner.

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