Huge nullity record broken, absolute shame for a franchise!

The NBA season has not Again started that a huge record has already been broken. It is unfortunately far from positive, since a franchise is now officially the worst in all of the United States, in all sports. We will have to fight to pass it on to another organization!

This season in the NBA, many records could be broken. For instance, Luka Doncic could still bring down several brands of precocity, he who will be keen to shine and find the conference final after his last promising playoff campaign. But the moment everyone will be looking forward to is the night when LeBron James will officially become the league’s top scorer.

At this historic meeting, the King will take a big step towards GOAT status in the minds of many observers, which is not illogical when you measure the magnitude of the feat. In the meantime, a franchise just picked up another outstanding record, but not in a good way. Indeed, an NBA team is officially the worst in all of the United States!

Sacramento worst franchise in the United States!

With the Seattle Mariners qualifying for the playoffs for the first time in 21 years, the longest absence in the 4 major American leagues now belongs to the Kings, who have not made the playoffs for 16 years.

The Kings were protected from this terrible record by the Seattle Mariners, an MLB franchise that hadn’t made the playoffs since 2001… But following their victory over the Oakland Athletics on Friday, they finally managed to break the curse and offer a postseason appearance in a city that shines only with its NFL franchise and its WNBA team. Sacramento therefore seizes a very sad record, synonymous with continuous mediocrity.

The last time the Kings were able to play in the spring was in 2006, and the adventure was stopped in the first round following a 4-2 loss to Spurs. To give you an idea of ​​the time that passes, the team was then carried by Bonzie Wells, the leader Mike Bibby, and by a player who was still called Ron Artest… The reactions to this terrible record are obviously mocking:

A 16-year absence from the sport where it’s easiest to make the playoffs is stupid

The Kings are officially the worst franchise of the 4 major American championships, and the source of much ridicule. In a Western conference enough providedit is also quite difficult to know when De’Aaron Fox and his teammates will be able to return to the playoffs…

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