Huge disappointment planned for Tyler Herro?

Very productive on an individual level, Tyler Herro is also having a superb season with the Heat. What hope to hit the jackpot this summer, his contract coming to an end? Not sure… The latest information rather suggests a big disillusionment.

With 20.8 points, more than 4 rebounds and 5 assists on average, Tyler Herro is clearly a contender for Sixth Man of the Year. Unfortunately for the young player, his status as a luxury substitute could well cost him an extremely lucrative deal once his rookie lease expires. In fact, according to the sources of the Miami Herald, he could already give up on a bigger jackpot:

ESPN’s Bobby Marks, the former front-officer for the Brooklyn Nets, noted that Herro can sign for five years – instead of four – only if he gets a max contract. « I don’t think he’ll get a max contract from Miami next offseason, » Marks said.

No maximum contract expected for Tyler Herro

Ultra-confident in his abilities, the full-back has never made a secret that this was exactly the kind of deal he was looking for. It’s not easy, however, when you’ve only started 33 games in your career… However, his huge contribution to the Heat doesn’t go unnoticed either and he should get a lot of offers this summer. As Marks adds, we can rely on the amount obtained by a Suns nugget to give ourselves a credible prediction:

Herro is going to be paid big this season, a contract that will likely send Miami well past the luxury tax two years from now. The three-point shot is definitely in vogue right now. Average shooters are making $17-18 million right now. So I think he’s going to get over $20 million. A contract à la Mikal Bridges – four years, 90 million dollars even if the player profile is very different. Maybe a little more.

A nice amount therefore, but obviously light years from what the Floridian would like to obtain. The season is still long though, and it looks hot as embers right now. Facing the Hawks recently, he also missed a triple-double off the bench by a hair (21 points, 9 rebounds and 11 assists)! The kind of performance that can make an impression and boost a rating before the offseason:

It’s up to Tyler Herro to prove he can earn a max contract, even if it seems unlikely. The rear has not yet shown that he could be a franchise player… Beware, however, of Miami, who knows about overpaid contracts over the last decade.

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