Huge controversy for Kyrie, who swings an ultra dangerous video!

After a tumultuous summer and a difficult return to earth, since no franchise wanted him on the market, Kyrie Irving could have decided to lay low to focus only on his career… but no. The leader of the Nets has just caused controversy by sharing a very dangerous video on Instagram.

Kyrie Irving is a player as talented on the field as « marginal » outside, and this is something that worries the leaders of Brooklyn. It is also for this reason that they were very reluctant to offer him a long-term extension in the franchise, he who has not been a model of reliability in recent years, particularly with his refusal to to get vaccinated.

And the problem is that the controversy is never far away with the All-Star leader, who has a rather unique vision of the world. He has once again proven it on social networks, by sharing a particularly dangerous video on his Instagram story. Kyrie has indeed seen fit to show its subscribers that the world was in fact run by a secret organization, which makes the population sick on purpose…

Kyrie Irving is releasing a crazy conspiracy theory!

The facts and common sense are there. Yes, there are corrupt empires. Yes, they manipulate us. Yes, there are secret societies. Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history, and yes, today in 2002 there is a tyrannical organization that calls itself the “New World Order”. They are pushing for the establishment of a world government and a moneyless society.

It is total and complete tyranny. They want to centralize and socialize the health system to become gods in the medical field. They will then unleash diseases, viruses, epidemics on us, so that all citizens find themselves immersed in their system. They want a society where human beings have absolutely no value.

Alex Jones is not necessarily well known on this side of the Atlantic, but he is a divisive character in the country of Uncle Sam. Indeed, he is one of the biggest plotters and conspirators in the world, he notably questioned the veracity of the Sandy Hook massacre, which killed 27 people in 2012… Kyrie Irving has 17 million subscribers, so relaying the words of such a character shocked a lot. The Nets thought he would change, they’ll have to wait…

So obviously, Kyrie Irving has the right to share the videos he desires on social media, but many netizens have found his behavior particularly dangerous. Knowing that children will come across this conspiracy theory is worrying.

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