Huge blow for Rachel Nichols, she reacts!

While she was thinking her story with Maria Taylor behind her, Rachel Nichols received a nice hammer blow this Wednesday from ESPN. The firm has obviously not forgiven, and now the famous journalist finds herself in a very uncomfortable situation.

Long considered a leading figure at ESPN, especially alongside Doris Burke, Rachel Nichols saw her career take a hit before the start of the playoffs. The reason ? His remarks deemed racist against Maria Taylor, a colleague, who then had the chance to cover the NBA Finals. A great opportunity for her, with which Nichols disagreed.

The latter, bitter at not having been chosen, tackled Taylor, believing that her skin color had played a role in it. A scandal revealed by the NY Times, and which had not had major consequences. Indeed, and if Nichols was dismissed for a few days, she quickly regained her place on the show. The Jump.

Very quickly, the players started to give their opinion, like Kevin Durant with a like assassin. However, and after a few weeks of the soap opera, calm seemed to have returned to ESPN. Nichols was no longer the target of hateful comments, especially on Twitter, except that the firm has not forgotten. It was confirmed on Wednesday that the host of The Jump was removed from all programs, while her show was canceled.

ESPN has removed Rachel Nichols from all programming with the NBA and will cancel her show The Jump.

In other words, Nichols is fired. She shouldn’t be staying at ESPN after this drama, and not sure any other outlet is really keen on hiring her. His qualities are undeniable, but this racist scandal has clearly ruined his reputation. She did speak on Twitter, however, confirming the news:

I had the chance to create a show in its entirety and I was able to rub shoulders for 5 years with magnificent people ❤️ talking about my favorite subject 🏀 An eternal thank you to our producers and our team – The Jump has never been built to last forever but it was really fun. 😎 More to come …

Rachel Nichols and ESPN, it’s over. A decision which surprises by its timing, even if many approve of this choice of the firm. It remains to be seen what awaits the journalist for the rest of her career, especially as this series risks following her forever.

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