Huge blow for Kyrie Irving!

While he will have to make an important decision this summer with the Nets, Kyrie Irving has just learned very bad news before the start of his offseason. A long partnership which ends for the leader, and which should not please him. We await the scathing response.

Absent a good part of the season, Kyrie Irving has been talked about a lot again in recent months, and not necessarily for good reasons. By refusing the vaccine against the covid, the leader has attracted a lot of criticism, not to mention the fact that his performances on the floor have divided. If he was the author of a few blows, he failed to raise his level of play in the playoffs.

Result ? He has already been on vacation for a few weeks, while Brooklyn ate a sweep in the first round of the postseason, light years from the game played by the Celtics. Kevin Durant has drawn hatred, but so has Irving, who is not beyond reproach. It is however in such a situation that the leader will have to make an important decision: to extend his contract with the Nets this summer, or to sow doubt instead.

Kyrie Irving in the midst of turbulent times!

However, this decision may not be his. After all, to sign a contract extension with emoluments exceeding $200 million, the Nets still have to offer him such an offer. Given his last season, his performances and his many stories, committing to the long term may not be the best move in the world, evidenced by the threat of the franchise. But we just learned today that Nike does not want to wait, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Nike are unlikely to extend their shoe deal with Kyrie Irving beyond the 2022/23 season, according to Woj and Ramona Shelburne.

Nike has been with Irving for a very long time, to the point that the point guard has had many signature shoes, and often of good quality. It is therefore slightly surprising to see the mark with the comma renounce it, which is undoubtedly explained by the extra-sporting stories of the leader. Being associated with Kyrie right now? It might not be the best idea, anyway that’s how Nike sees it.

A problem for the person concerned? Probably not. If Nike does decide to let go, we imagine that other brands will want to take the opportunity to sign the Nets player. Puma is looking to return to the front of the stage, Under Armour, Adidas or another sponsor should quickly show up if the information is confirmed. Uncle Drew will have no trouble finding another very profitable deal for his future.

Nike leaves Kyrie Irving, probably because of the player’s recent events, which are not unanimous. A choice that is likely to make people talk, especially when the leader speaks on the subject. Be careful not to regret it later.

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