Howie Roseman (Eagles) voted NFL’s least reliable manager by 33 agents

Sharks judge sharks. It’s a bit like the atmosphere of a poll of 33 NFL agents carried out by the site The Athletic.

Thirty-three agents, who represent hundreds of players, including 33 players selected in the first round over the past three years, franchise quarterbacks and Pro Bowlers, were questioned on several questions, in particular related to their activity.

The results are necessarily relative, since they sometimes affect human relations. But it also gives a snapshot of relationships in the league. So which general manager do agents trust the least?

The prize goes to Howie Roseman, in office from 2010 to 2014 and again since 2019.

« It’s simple, he tells you one thing and does the opposite », testifies one of the agents. « You can tell him one thing and ask him to keep this between us, and then three or four people come and talk to me about it. It doesn’t make him a bad guy, but there is no transparency. « 

“He always plays on two fronts. He is not dishonest. He’s a guy who covers himself up. He always makes sure to have another agreement on the side, ”explains another. « 

The good news for Roseman is that agents aren’t here to make friends. One of them explains it clearly when asked which manager he trusts the most.

 » No. Even those who are your friends have a job to do for the benefit of their team. « 

Behind Roseman, we find Bill Belichick, first in the poll last year. In third place, Joe Douglas, stationed with the Jets. It might not be a coincidence, but before coming to New York, Douglas worked in Philadelphia with… Roseman.

The worst offseason for the Texans

Looking to the recent past, the Texans are among the big losers in the poll. Unsurprisingly, with 11 first-place votes out of 33, they were elected « the team having achieved the most disappointing offseason. » « 

“Jack Easterby (VP) is a disaster, and I know a lot of people in the league think Cal McNair (CEO) is a daddy’s boy, which is how Easterby got there. And then there’s Deshaun Watson … Anyway, no one trusts Easterby. « 


The Packers and Raiders complete the podium of the offseason deemed the most failed.

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