how the Acce)s festival has brought art and technology together for over twenty years

“The idea of ​​Access)s (, from the beginning and its creation by people from the school…

« The idea of ​​Access) s (, from the beginning and its creation by people from the art school, is access for all to technologies and art, and to the dialogue between one and the other », explains the researcher and art critic, president of the association Acces) s (electronic cultures for three years.

“In twenty years, all that has changed a lot, we talk about metaverse (immersive digital universe, editor’s note)… The festival accompanies the people of Pau, but also people from the agglomeration and Béarn, in this upheaval of society. »

Jean-Jacques Gay, president of the association which runs the Acces) s festival (.

Jean-Jacques Gay, president of the association which runs the Acces) s festival (.


This 22nd edition, which takes place between Pau (Mial, Méliès, Halles, Forge moderne) and Billère (Bel ordinary, Ampli), refers to the work of the art school, at the origin of the festival, and « questions the ‘idea of ​​design in art and of art in design’.

“We explore this slider between the sacredness of art and the design of the object, how things happen, how creators play with it. We are on the creation, but we could have put the citrus press of Philippe Starck for example, which is more an object of art than of design… ”

The festival will exhibit works such as « lumino », a piece « which puts music in a sort of luminous kaleidoscope produced in the 1970s in several hundred thousand copies and marketed by Philips ». “We will also have Robert Breer, an American minimalist filmmaker and sculptor. People who have gone to school, historic pieces, and very young pieces, with augmented reality, made by today’s graphic designers, who use algorithms… »

Eight works by Samuel Bianchini

Headliner of the festival, Samuel Bianchini (opening Tuesday October 11, at 6 p.m., at the Halles de Billère), « an artist who works on two axes, on the one hand the practicable pieces (artistic, digital, technological), c ie they only exist if the spectator practices them, and on the other hand works with behavior, which have an autonomous behavior. Eight of his works will be exhibited in different places (halles de Pau, halles de Billère,

The photographs of Philippe Ramette, the augmented reality sculptures of Alizée Armet or even the « pneumatic and evolving » installation of Jonathan Pêpe

Note, among the many curiosities attracting the layman, the interactive performance of « Mentalista Foot », Wednesday 12 at Ampli (Billère), where players equipped with light electroencephalogram headbands compete by controlling the ball… by thought!

On the cultural mediation side, finally, projects were launched during the year with the Platanes school in Idron, the Louis-Barthou high school in Pau and the Clermont college, also in Pau.

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