How should you equip yourself when practicing sport in the cold?

Exercising outside is great. Doing indoor sports in winter is even more optimal. Hence the importance of suitable equipment when the polar temperatures set in. The French Federation of Cardiology recalls “the cold affects the body, especially the arteries and the heart”

The cold forces the cardiovascular system to work harder to function. : blood vessels contract and the heart needs to work harder to propel blood throughout the body, favoring the vital organs located in the middle of the body.

Three upper body layers are paramount

Therefore, limiting heat loss is essential to protect your body and your heart. To do this, it is advisable to protect all sensitive parts and to take with you: suitable gloves, hat or headband, thick socks, neck warmer…

In all, doctors advise three layers for the upper body to wick away perspiration, keep your body warm and protect you from possible bad weather that would disrupt your sports practice.

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