How not to be ecstatic while watching this old Formula 1 sliding in Monaco?


Letting legendary machines gather dust in a garage? Very little for the driver of this legendary Maserati 250F who shakes it gracefully between the rails of Monaco.

The Ferrari 250F is one of those legendary machines in the history of the Formula 1 world championship. Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss or Mike Hawthorn. The kind of car that is now gathering dust in museums and garages.

But not at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix: as you can see in the magnificent video below, an example of this 250F is being shaken cleanly through the streets of the principality by its driver. It drives at the extreme limit of the car’s possibilities and slides everywhere, all the time. A sublime ballet with a very impressive degree of mastery.

another time

At the time, there was neither downforce nor slick tyres. And with such fine rubber, the grip had absolutely nothing to do with that of the current Formula 1 cars. But what a treat to watch!


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