How much was Chris Rooney paid for his awkward speech? Victor Hedman asked him…

After a short stay in the Czech Republic where the Preds and the Sharks faced off, the National Hockey League officially kicked off its 2022-2023 season last night at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The Rangers avenged their elimination in the recent playoffs by beating their executioner, the Tampa Bay Lightning, by a score of 3-1.

The match started on a bad note. Before making the first face-off, referee Chris Rooney gave an uncomfortable speech.

We will go back to naturalness and spontaneity.

If Gary Bettman wanted to move us in front of a referee, it failed.

Has Rooney been paid or not?

This speach dumbfounded everyone, including the players. For his part, Victor Hedman could not help but broach the subject with the striped man. This one is one of the best and most experienced in his profession, by the way.

No doubt aware of the ridiculousness of the situation, Rooney felt the need to justify himself by admitting to the Lightning defender that he had been asked to say these words live on television. Then, when Hedman asked him how much he got paid, the ref replied that he’ll negotiate that later, but it lined up to be an ESPN cap!

The microphone of ref picked up the conversation.

I’m surprised the NHL shared this moment on social media. I don’t know if it’s a form of self-mockery, but that it serves as a lesson to him.

The only words the hockey fan wants to hear on a referee’s microphone are those that come out of Wes McCauley’s mouth.

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