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« There’s nothing for you actually, just pretending that on a public site where people can come looking for info is a big responsibility.
You can’t risk someone adopting any dog ​​after reading that short walks are enough. It is for this kind of reason that there are so many abandonments.

If my messages can make people realize who read us silently and who deeply dream of getting a dog, but prevent themselves from doing so because of barriers they have created for themselves (because they don’t have a garden , because they work, because they have a disability that prevents them from walking for hours, because they live in town), that they too can make a dog happy, well, I’m absolutely delighted .

I’m sick of this elitism. No, you don’t necessarily need 1 hectare of land to make a dog happy, or not to work (the two are hardly compatible for the majority of us). It’s like those who think that it is necessary to wait to have a « situation » (a husband, a stable job, high financial means, a house) to carry out a pregnancy project. When you want deeply, viscerally, something, you can move mountains, I’m convinced.

It doesn’t mean that you have to run and buy a dog while you work 12 hours a day. And even. If it’s a real, deep desire, and not a whim, a dog bought under these conditions will perhaps be the opportunity for the human who adopts it to let go of their career, to retrain, to learn to take the time, realizing the incompatibility of his way of life with the development of his animal. And in addition to making a dog happy, we may have saved his master from having a heart attack at the age of 40.

Dogs, with their ability to adapt to countless lifestyles, are a wonderful gift that has been placed in our path. Why not just welcome it, rather than creating complications where there are none.

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