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The most watched car championship on the planet, Formula 1 unleashes passions. Each Grand Prix and each championship has its own history. Although the driving performance is to be highlighted, some teams stand out thanks to the advanced technologies of their single-seaters. But what is the price of a Formula 1?

Of course, each team has its particularities. But, overall, Formula 1 car prices are often more or less the same.

The price of the mechanical part of an F1

To begin, we will see the price of the elements that make up the car mechanically.

The engine, the most expensive element of a Formula 1

Designed directly by the team itself, this part of the single-seater is the most expensive element. The engine is the heart of the car, the element that makes the biggest difference to competitors. According to Formula 1 regulations, each driver has eight engines at his disposal for the season, if this limit is exceeded, the driver in question may be sanctioned. And so finally, how much does an engine cost? About €250,000.

The gearbox

For this mechanical part, as for the engine, many teams manufacture it. However, it is also possible to buy gearboxes from the competition. Made of titanium, F1 gearboxes have 7 speeds and a reverse gear. On average, the price rises to around 200,000 euros.

The wheel

Not necessarily located in the mechanical part of the vehicle, the modern steering wheel is a real technological gem. With an integrated dashboard, a lot of buttons and elements to see the status of the vehicle, the steering wheel of Formula 1 drivers costs around 50,000 euros.

The cost of wheels in Formula 1

For this part, we will group together everything that directly or indirectly relates to the wheels of the single-seater.

The tires

Not that this element is the most expensive per unit, during the Grands Prix, the teams are obliged to change the tires several times per race. It is therefore necessary to have a sacred stock for the entire season. On average, a tire costs 1500 euros. Same reasoning for the rims which, for their part, cost 4000 euros each.

Formula 1 car price
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The brakes of an F1 car

Even if in principle, the brake discs are similar in operation to our classic cars, the quality is, for its part, well above. In Formula 1, the brakes consist of a disc and two carbon pads. In the regulations, a car has a total of four self-ventilated discs and eight pads for a race. A set of brakes costs 6000 euros.

Regarding the brake calipers, these are made of aluminum with an advanced cooling system. They approach 9000 euros per unit.

The bodywork, the most expensive element of an F1 car

Atypical and totally designed for better aerodynamics, the bodywork of Formula 1 single-seaters is almost as expensive as the mechanical components.

Fins front and rear

Their function is to direct the flow of air at more than 300 km/h to maintain the downforce of the single-seater on the circuit. The front wing serves above all for aerodynamics and good penetration in the air. The rear wing has the function of facilitating overtaking in a straight line. Both made of carbon fiber, the two fins cost around 30,000 euros.

The price of the body reinforcement

This part constitutes the body as well as the hull which surrounds it. Composed of carbon fiber and Kevlar, the body of an F1 car aims to increase rigidity. It also makes it possible to avoid deformations linked to aerodynamics. The bodywork is the most expensive element that makes up a single-seater with a price of 255,000 euros.

In the end, what is the price of a Formula 1?

By taking up all the elements mentioned above as well as the rest of the composition of a Formula 1 car, such as the driver’s habitat or the suspensions. A single-seater in the biggest car competition costs an average of 1 million euros. Of course, it depends on the elements incorporated, the technologies and the manufacturers, but for all the teams, it takes 1 million euros to be competitive.

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