How much does it cost to recruit Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal)?


November 25, 2021 at 7:50 PM by Emmanuel Bernard

Lacazette transfer OM
Alexandre Lacazette on the departure of Arsenal this winter?

It has been almost five years sinceAlexandre lacazette left the warm cocoon of OL, his training club, for England, London and his Arsenal club. The French striker has had some ups, but also struggles, like his club which has been going through a complicated period in recent seasons. According to The Sun, the Gunners will not keep the player, who will be out of contract at the end of this season. This means that it could be sold in January, because the list of its suitors is long, among which, the English media advance. the OM club.

OM would follow the situation of Alexandre Lacazette

Not sure anyway, that in the current context, Marseille has the means to afford the player. It should be remembered that the DNCG ordered the supervision of the wage bill and transfer allowances. This assumes that to recruit the 30-year-old striker, it will be necessary to give up players of the current squad, before. Already, at the level of compensation, because even in decline, it remains high, to the tune of 22 million euros for Transfermarkt and, more modestly (more precisely?), From 7 to 10 million, on the side of the Observatory soccer.

In the last season of his contract signed with Arsenal

Above all, the current salary of Alexandre Lacazette is significant for the finances of the Marseille club. Too sure, since estimated at more than 11 million euros gross the season, more than twice the highest salary, of the Marseille collective. Even if he will probably not keep such emoluments, the French international has suitors (in addition to OM, AC Milan, Atlético Madrid or Newcastle according to The Sun), to press the auction. Less then for this winter, perhaps more in the summer, if nothing has changed for Lacazette, by June 30, 2022, the last day of his contract with the Gunners.


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