How much does a Ligue 1 referee earn?

The salary of Ligue 1 referees remains unknown to the general public. Update on the remuneration of the men of the Professional Football League.

We don’t often ask the question, the light is often shone on the players, but how much does a Ligue 1 referee earn?

This is The team who unraveled the mystery concerning the men with the whistle. According to the sports daily, the budget allocated for referees reached a total of 17 million euros last season. It rose to 25 million euros with the VAR part and the goal-line technology.

Committed to professionalizing their profession since 2016, the referees, who are self-employed, have seen their incomes increase, based on a fixed part and another linked to match bonuses.

This fixed part is based first of all on a preparation allowance of 6,497 euros gross for federal arbitrators, also known as central. It is 4,188 euros for « Elite » assistants and 2,291 euros for « non-Elite » assistants.

That’s not all, the referees also receive bonuses during matches depending on the level of the championship and the role of the referee.

Thus, in Ligue 1, a central referee receives 3,029 euros gross of premiums, an assistant 1,478 € and 1,000 € for a video assistant. In Ligue 2, the match bonus is € 1,583 for the central referee and € 711 for his assistants.

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