How much do MLB mascots earn?

BEHIND every great baseball team is a mascot that cheers them on and energizes the crowds.

For some, being a mascot is a dream job, so we figured out exactly how much they take home at the end of the day.

How much do MLB mascots earn?

Much like school mascots, MLB mascots are responsible for representing the team and energizing local crowds for the players.

They are often seen on the field putting on shows and interacting with fans in the stands.

Since they are such an important part of the team, they also receive a good salary.

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When they start out in the minor leagues, they usually make around $25,000 a year, but in MLB they can see a salary as high as $60,000, according to Yahoo!.

Yahoo! notes that there are even sports mascots who see six figures while working full time.

How many mascots are there in MLB?

There are 30 teams in MLB, but only 27 have official mascots.

Teams that do not have a mascot are the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Yankees.

Current MLB mascots include:

More information on MLB mascots can be found here.

Oriole Bird is the mascot of the Baltimore Orioles


Who is MLB’s highest paid mascot?

In MLB, some of the highest paid mascots are Oriole Bird of the Baltimore Orioles, who earns around $350 per hour for appearances, and Sluggerrr of the Kansas City Royals, who earns around $400 per hour for appearances. according to Yahoo. !.

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Wally of the Boston Red Sox is also a strong contender, taking in around $70,000 a year.

However, Mr. Met is arguably the highest paid mascot in the league, earning around $600 an hour for appearances.

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