How Mike Maignan made Gianluigi Donnarumma forget at AC Milan

Last Saturday, while Inter, invigorated by reducing the gap to 3-2, pushed in the last quarter of an hour to equalize, Mike Maignan, 27, drew three parries in quick succession. He deflected a header from Lautaro Martinez on his line, repelled a low ground shot from Edin Dzeko with his foot and dislodged from the top corner, with the opposite hand, a long shot from Hakan Calhanoglu. Three interventions which have only amplified the concert of praise that the Italian football community has woven for him since he has been playing there. Even his goal conceded in Salzburg on Tuesday in the Champions League (1-1), a strike from Okafor passed between his legs, does not tarnish the picture as a whole.

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