How LeBron figured out he’s old now

With a long career in the NBA, LeBron James is heading slowly but surely towards the end of his career. The player is aware of this, and does not hesitate to admit it himself. He recently shared the moment when he realized his advanced age.

Drafted in 2003, Lebron james has come an incredible distance since then. 18 years later, the winger is still evolving at an incredible level, to the point where he continues to break records of all kinds. Already the best scorer in the history of the playoffs, the No. 23 is still in the race to win the same title in the regular season.

And yet even a superman like him begins to feel the weight of the years, and not just physically. During the last episode of the series The Shop, which he himself launched on the channel HBO, King James took the opportunity to share a rather strong anecdote on a personal level:

You know you are getting old when you have played against father and son. I am now in the part of my career where I played against the senior and the junior… Gary Trent Jr / Sr, Kenyon Martin Jr / Sr… If I get to a third of the name, I swear to God that I will become crazy. At this point, I’m on a Tom Brady delirium. I will end up playing against the third of the name!

The self-mockery of the Chosen One is quite funny, and we can understand how it feels! On a more pessimistic note, however, we can add that his body has started to lose ground this season. Victim of a big ankle injury, LBJ missed nearly a third of the regular campaign (27 games). The playoffs have also shown that he was clearly not at 100% of his current capacities.

That being said, count on the four-time champion to work hard this summer, even if it means winding up Team USA. With an exceptional basketball IQ, the player will certainly be able to adapt his game to his current physical condition. LeBron has been seen to become more and more a passer over the years, and that could well continue in 2021-22.

Much closer to retirement than to his beginnings, LeBron James still has some under the hood. Let’s just hope that next season sees him be spared from injury, so we can be amazed again.

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