How Formula 1 has made itself unattractive for new teams

Capping budgets in Formula 1 has been touted as the savior of several teams and has helped ensure their viability for investors. But there is already another mechanism which has had the same effect and which strongly dissuades those who can afford to create a new team on their own.

There is always a certain excitement any time a brand new team decides to take on Formula 1. The silly season is already a highlight of the year, where one looks forward to knowing which drivers will occupy which ones. tubs on the grid. Add a new team to the mix, and the level of suspense hits a different layer because there are a host of additional elements to consider.

Sadly, that hasn’t happened in F1 since 2016, when Haas joined the pack. It has chosen to subcontract the construction of the cars to Dallara and to rely on unlisted parts from Ferrari to reduce its operational bill. She even managed to attract Romain Grosjean (then in her prime), which suggests that she was aiming to be competitive in her debut season instead of just making a feature at the back of the grid.

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