How did a Ferrari F40 end up hanging in the air in Lyon?

You are not dreaming, it is indeed a Ferrari F40 which found itself suspended in the air above Lyon. Knowing that it is worth much more than a nice house in the city, there was enough to stress a little…

The Ferrari F40 is still considered one of the best machines ever released by the prancing horse brand. A sports car without concessions, the driving of which requires knowing how to tame a particularly wild mechanism, which currently drives collectors crazy each time a copy is found on the market.

As part of an evening presentation of the very beautiful Anna Lisa collection, which we will tell you about next November 28 in Turbo, one of these rare F40s found itself in a particularly daring position. Transported by a crane on the city’s Rooftop 52, the Italian made a great trip through the air more than 25 meters high.

1300 kilometers on the clock

The car only displays 1300 kilometers on the odometer and it is a first hand. Suffice to say that its value is probably skyrocketing and it would have been a shame if it fell into the Rhône by accident. Currently, the relatively mileage copies of the car are well over one million euros…

Photo credit: Maxence Massaro Anna Lisa Collection

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