how can you not love this kid?

No, no, you’re not dreaming. Absolute fan of… cats, Jordan Poole has an unusual relationship with them, even downright unique. They are his “children”, his “yougins”, his “little brothers”… in short, little beasts that he values ​​much more than most human beings. After Myles Turner and the Legos, we have therefore decided to tell you about another player who clearly displays his greatest passion. If you weren’t aware yet, now is the time to update yourself.

We’re not going to lie to you, now that the Summer League is over, NBA news is far from flourishing. The perfect opportunity to tackle a subject let’s say… different from what we are used to talking about here. Because although we have repeatedly mentioned Jordan Poole through the basketball angle, today it is his passion his immeasurable love for cats which will interest us. If many fans are already aware of this particular relationship that the Warriors player has with the piti felines, others do not suspect for a moment that we are talking about an NBA champion who totally assumes that he prefers to spend time with them. his cats rather than going to see his friends, without any hesitation. Far be it from us to judge this adoration, but it is clear that it denotes the very brotherhood discourse that is mainly held in the League, although one does not prevent the other.

Love at first sight happened several years ago. As the guard’s mother testifies, the Poole Family has always lived surrounded by animals, even though the vast majority of them were dogs. A habit that will be turned upside down in 2015, when Jordan joins Rufus King High School in Milwaukee. Due to the latter’s frequent trips to weekend matches, it becomes complicated for the family to adopt new canines, which require a constant presence that is now difficult to ensure. The solution ? Turn to cats, which require less affection. A choice that will therefore have a terrible consequence: Jordan Poole falls in love. It’s very simple, when he’s not playing basketball, Stephen Curry’s back-up spends his time with his new companions, but really all his time. The guy does not hesitate to regularly publish stories of his « children », as he likes to call them, on Instagram (see Twitter thread above). In 2019, in front of the cameras of KPIXTV, the latter also returned to one of his first concerns when he learned of being drafted at the other end of the country with the Warriors:

« How do we get to Golden State? » All I can think about is how are we going to get Lizzie [sa chatte, ndlr.] the low ? She [sa mère, ndlr.] is in « Lizzie’s not going anywhere » mode. And I’m like, « Wait, what are you saying? You can’t keep my cat!  » You know what I mean ? »

The guy was therefore badly snubbed by his mother like a four-year-old child. Still, a solution was quickly found since Poole, on the occasion of an animal rescue operation, immediately adopted Kai and Kota, two Maine Coons, the largest breed of domestic cats in the world. world. Questioned by NBC Sports in the program Pro Pets, the latter also compares his two beasts to teammates. So yes, we can find it completely stupid, but since we’re on TrashTalk, there’s no way we’ll miss it. Kai would therefore be close to Glenn Robinson III because of his athletic and square side, who knows his role. Kota, the big brother, would rather be a little Big Man, who talks a lot while making sure that the team runs well, we let you guess who he is. At the races, in the gym, in his bed… there is absolutely no place on Earth where the guard wouldn’t take his adorable furballs. But who would have guessed that a Poole would get along so well with cats? Sorry, we had to.

If you live in San Francisco and your dream is to meet mini-Steph, we therefore recommend that you go to… cat bars, where you will increase your chances of meeting him tenfold. However, the Warriors will have to be vigilant this fall when they face the Wizards in Tokyo as part of the preseason. The risk ? That Jordan Poole decides never to leave Japan again, where cats are literally EVERYWHERE.

Text source: The Athletic / NBC

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