“How can Steph Curry say that? He disqualified himself, once again”

Stephen Curry has no shortage of detractors throughout the NBA community, who use the slightest pretext to tear him down. A famous journalist perfectly illustrated this recently, following the Chief’s remarks on the Kevin Durant file. The return of flames was scathing.

With four champion rings to his credit, Stephen Curry already has an absolutely insane trophy cabinet. However, the leader of the Warriors is not satisfied, far from it. He still has a few years ahead of him and intends to maximize them as much as possible. The ideal would therefore be to continue to surround him with stars… which is why his recent statement about Kevin Durant did not go unnoticed within the league.

Teammates with the Dubs between 2016 and 2019, the two men have a good relationship and Baby Face would not say no to being reunited with the 2014 MVP. Not insignificant since Golden State was linked to the soap opera around the winger during the summer… But the release of n°30 did not pass with certain observers, in particular Skip Bayless. The analyst of Fox Sports simply atomized the interested party for this one, during the broadcast Undisputed :

Skip Bayless destroys Curry’s comments about Kevin Durant

How, as a top-10 all-time player, after standing on his own and leading a team to his first Finals MVP title, he publicly admitted, « Oh yeah, I pushed to get Kevin and bring him back, he’s a good guy. Well, that all sounds good, but it doesn’t help his legacy. It disqualifies him from the Top 10 all-time yet again because he says, « I can’t really win another one without him, I need him to come. »

It is true that KD has been of great help to Curry & co. after the failure of the 2016 Finals, helping them sign a back-to-back. But to say the Chef doesn’t deserve to be Top 10 all-time because he wants to play the Slim Reaper again? This does not please fans of the Californian legend. They therefore reminded the journalist that he was not the first to evolve alongside other stars, and that his priorities were probably elsewhere:

Or maybe Steph just wants to earn more rings and doesn’t care about the rest? Basketball is not just about individual awards

Would Michael Jordan get disqualified for wanting Scottie Pippen? Nope ! Someone replace this guy, please.

Skip Bayless thinks Stephen Curry should never have made such comments about Kevin Durant, and that they would once again damage his legacy. However, the analyst is hardly objective about Baby Face, so his opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.

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