Houssem Aouar betrays the France team, the fans are furious

In the world of football, the subject of nationality has often been a delicate subject which has earned criticism for those who have spoken on the subject. For amateurs but football fans, the sentence that comes up most often is: “He chooses to represent this team because he has no chance of playing with the other”. It is difficult to know if a player has strong ties with his country of origin if he has lived all his life in France with French codes (school, values, etc.) and if his intentions are purely sporting.

The question is vast but it must be addressed clearly, without taboo. And this is the case of Houssem Aouar who questions today. Indeed, the Olympique Lyonnais player would have decided to change sporting nationality to defend the colors of the Algerian selection..

A visit that changed everything

Aouar was called up by Didier Deschamps in October 2020 and had played a friendly match against Ukraine (victory 7 goals to 1). At the time, it was said that a summons, worse, minutes played, confirmed the hope of a player to play for another selection but the hope would still be relevant for the Franco-Algerian. The player’s visit to his native village, Beni Saf, in the wilaya of Aïn Témouchent, would have had such an impact that he would have wanted to defend the colors of the Fennecs.

Selected with the France team, Aouar could now opt for the Greens since the latter has not played any official match with the Blues. What will Djamel Belmadi, the coach of the winners of CAN 2019, do, is this approach really possible and what does this mean for the future of players who are in the same situation?

So many questions that will quickly have an answer, for us and the players. In the meantime, the supporters of the French team and the Algerian team do not really appreciate this turnaround..

Internet users react

On social networks, Internet users commented en masse on Houssem Aouar’s desire to represent Algeria.

We read on Twitter:

  • « If everyone starts to wake up, teams like France won’t even qualify for the World Cup or the Euro… »
  •  »Mdr it is precisely because he fell asleep that he no longer has his place in blue and he wants to change selection. It smokes me Soccer African who will look for his internationals in the youth selections of the France team so much they are dropped without the FR players  »
  •  »Young Africans who study in Europe do not have the right to come and work in Africa? Is it recognition to the end then? Is the training free?
  •  » Failed in Blue so wants to come back to Algeria, it’s questionable… yes  »
  •  » I hope Algeria does not accept, he chose France he assumes, too many mercenaries these guys  »

In basketball, there is the case of Joel Embiid, NBA superstar who wants to wear the colors of France.

Some players and observers do not understand because the Cameroonian does not know anything about the country and has no ties. African journalists are even sad to know the envy of the player who has defended Africa so much…


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