Horrible news in Boston, big recruit to come?

While the Celtics are among the favorites next season, the franchise has just learned horrible news with the injury of Danilo Gallinari. Unless surprise, the Italian player should miss months of competition, or even more. The front office must react, and a name is already coming up insistently.

After a loss in the final against the Warriors, we can count on the Celtics to return there as quickly as possible. It won’t be easy, not in a conference featuring the Sixers, the Heat, the Bucks or the Cavaliers, who have struck a blow with the reinforcement of Donovan Mitchell. In addition, Boston failed in the Kevin Durant file, which forces Brad Stevens to probe the market for other arrivals.

Earlier in the summer, the franchise hit hard with the signing of Malcolm Brogdon, who should do some good at the lead. Among the other arrivals? That of Danilo Gallinari, a veteran much appreciated for his scoring and his general contribution on the floor. Only here, the player was injured recently with Italy, at the level of his knee. The verdict fell on Friday, and it is very bad.

Rookie in sight for the Celtics?

With such an absence looming, it’s clear Boston needs to come up with a solution. Does that mean Stevens will have to roll up his sleeves and sign another player… like Carmelo Anthony? He could replace that attacking production, although he doesn’t stand for the best defender trophy. Still, on Twitter, recruitment has begun.

I heard that man was available, Celtics.

We do not know if Melo can perform better than Gallinari, the latter having not played a single minute, but he is a very interesting rookie. The former Knick still has the level to win at the Celtics, remains to be seen if Stevens is really interested, as a rumor seemed to confirm it recently.

Sign it immediately

With Danilo Gallinari injured, there’s almost no doubt the Celtics need to come up with a new plan to improve their bench. Carmelo Anthony is certainly a potential target, but not necessarily the only one. We will know more in September.

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