Horrible news for the nugget Chet Holmgren, LeBron unfortunately involved!

The most hyped player of the last Draft with Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren is a real mutant that all NBA fans are waiting to see at work. Problem: The former Gonzaga College received terrible news after his contact with LeBron James. And there is reason to fear the worst…

Before making his long-awaited debut in the NBA, Chet Holmgren wanted to have fun by going to play a game on the side of the Crawsover Pro AM organized by Jamal Crawford in Seattle. But from the first minutes of the match, the frail rookie (2m13 for 88kg) was shaken by the TGV LeBron James in transition. Immediately, the pain was vivid, the proof with his reaction:

Chet Holmgren, the specter of a serious injury

While everyone had somewhat forgotten this episode, Shams Charania brought everyone back to earth with a terrible update:

Doctors are concerned that Draft No. 2 Thunder player Chet Holmgren is suffering from a ligament injury in his foot. He consults many specialists.

This kind of « breaking news » rarely leads to good news, and it’s a safe bet that Holmgren will be severely affected, even before playing the slightest game in the NBA. His lean physique has been a source of concern for many years, and unfortunately, reality has just justified all these fears…

If some Internet users regret that the big man participated in exhibition matches, it is certain that the nugget of the Thunder would not have survived the shock in the NBA in this physical state anyway, as explained in the tweet below. below:

People will blame Pro-AM games for Chet Holmgren’s injury, but if he couldn’t last a minute in Pro-AM, he wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds in the NBA.

Chet Holmgren and Thunder fans can prepare for the worst, although caution should be exercised as we wait for further news. Let’s hope for a little miracle…

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