Honda will no longer be in F1 in 2022 |

At the end of this 2021 season, the Japanese manufacturer Honda will definitively stop its Formula 1 project in order to concentrate all its resources on the electrification of its range of passenger cars.

The engine manufacturer, which equips Red Bull and AlphaTauri in F1, has sold the intellectual property of its power unit to Red Bull, which will operate from next year the Honda V6 hybrid rebadged in Red Bull Powertrains (the company set up by Red Bull to develop its own engine). The Honda logo will therefore disappear permanently from Formula 1, although some employees of the Japanese firm will continue to work at Red Bull Powertrains in 2022 to ensure continuity in the operation of the Japanese V6 hybrid.

“It will indeed seem a bit crazy to see our engine without our logo. But as I said before, the goal now is to become champion this year. Next year is next year. «  said the CEO of Honda, Masashi yamamoto, to our Dutch colleagues from Formula 1.

“From Honda’s point of view, the end of this year will be the end of the project. 2022 will be a transition period for Red Bull, although the folks at Honda will stay on to help. The easiest way to explain it is that everyone in management, like me, and in marketing will be gone. As a brand, Honda will no longer be present. « 

When asked if he thinks Honda will ever return to Formula 1, Yamamoto believes this could be an option for the Japanese manufacturer, but the Japanese brand must now focus on carbon neutrality: « Personally, I think Honda will come back to Formula 1. » insists Yamamoto.

“The current situation is that Honda needs to focus on carbon neutrality and accelerate this project. If that goes well, I think there are certainly people within the company who will want to come back to Formula 1. ”

In his last year in F1 as an engine manufacturer, Honda is fighting to win the drivers ‘and constructors’ championships with the Red Bull team in 2021. With only five races left to go, Max Verstappen is the leader with twelve points. ‘lead over Lewis Hamilton, while Red Bull Racing are 23 points behind Mercedes in the constructors’ championship.

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