Hockey Canada: Players to cooperate with NHL investigation

In an interview with TSN on Sunday, attorneys representing the group of former players charged with sexually assaulting a woman in 2018 said their clients will cooperate with the National Hockey League’s (NHL) investigation.

The NHL will conduct its own investigation before the opening of training camps this fall.

Lawyer Kaleigh Davidson says players should not be disciplined by the league because it could create a dangerous precedent.

If players can be penalized for engaging in consensual sexual activity, the question will be where to draw the lineDavidson said in an interview with the Canadian network.

Employers should not take a position on the acceptability of consensual sexual activity based on personal and subjective perceptions of social norms, particularly when these norms are changing.

The group of lawyers, however, has not confirmed whether the seven players involved will also cooperate in the separate investigation by Hockey Canada, announced Thursday by the sports federation.

Recall that Hockey Canada quietly settled a lawsuit in May following allegations by a woman who claims she was assaulted by eight players, including members of the 2018 gold medal-winning national junior team, at an event in London, Ontario.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Hockey Canada has lost federal government funding as well as several major sponsors since the saga began.

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