History of Vannes: this intramural building bears the name of a thousand-year-old sport

Intramural Vannes
Located in the inner city of Vannes (Morbihan), the “Jeu de paume” house refers to a famous event in Versailles on June 20, 1789. (© Actu Morbihan)

A thousand-year-old sport was practiced in the inner city of Vannes (Morbihan), not far from the building 8 Place des Lices. The building bears the name of this sport: Palm Tennis.

François, historian and elected representative from Vannes, tells us about it.

From the name of an ancestral sport

« You who are looking at me from the Place des Lices, do you know that I bear the name of an otherwise famous place in Versailles? », Begins François Ars.

The place is called the house of the « Jeu de Paume. » «  The Tennis Court Oath is the founding act of the French democracy. Taken at the Jeu de Paume room in Versailles, it ends in the separation of powers and national sovereignty.

This oath refers to a sport. The palm game is played with bare hands or with a leather glove. It consists of throwing a ball (egg) over a net like tennis.

« Well, not to hide anything from you, the tennis court was in a building at the back which was partly rebuilt after the Revolution ”, specifies the historian on this Vannes building.

It does not form today of a single block with me who am in front.

Francois Ars

Also called Credey house, this building is to be discovered at Place des Lices.

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