His Lamborghini has been preventing Mirabel from sleeping for 3 weeks

Mirabel police are investigating a 21-year-old Quebecer who had her noisy Lamborghini confiscated last weekend after preventing residents of Mirabel from sleeping for weeks.

“I confirm that we seized the Lamborghini this weekend because our citizens were exhausted and tired of not sleeping. Unfortunately, we cannot give too many details because the investigation continues », confirms to the Log Jacques Caza, Mirabel police investigator.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noël / Facebook / Instagram

According to our information, the young woman driving the luxurious car is Amanda Lévesque. This one, who grew up in Quebec City, has been having fun for nearly three weeks riding at night, especially in the Saint-Augustin district.

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On his social networks, we see Mme Lévesque proudly filming his black Lamborghini making excessive noise. The young woman with blond hair also poses several times, sunglasses in her nose, next to her car and her fiancé.

“There is more than one suspect in this case,” Mr. Caza briefly indicates. He also adds that the case will be presented to the courts, without giving further details.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noël / Facebook / Instagram

Note that the driver has also received at least 13 tickets since the beginning of the year, in particular for speeding and screeching tires.

Double your sleeping pills

A Mirabel resident claims not to have slept two consecutive nights during the last three weeks due to the noise pollution of the car.

« It was hell. We made more than fifteen complaints to the police. It affected our mental health because we knew when we went to bed that she was going to wake us up. I even doubled my dose of sleeping pills to get to rest,” says Francine, who prefers to keep her last name quiet for fear of reprisals.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noël / Facebook / Instagram

She confides that her ordeal finally ended on Sunday after Amanda Lévesque’s vehicle was seized.

The black beast »

On social networks, the story of the Lamborghini has become a saga followed closely by the residents of Mirabel who were overwhelmed by the noise pollution. Many also nicknamed the young woman behind the wheel “the black beast”.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noël / Facebook / Instagram

“Nice surprise this morning by going to the police station to file a complaint precisely for this vehicle. Thank you to the police… it’s Christmas before time,” wrote a resident anonymously on a Facebook group.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Spotted Mirabel,Saint-Augustin /

The Internet user shared in his publication a photo of Amanda Lévesque’s car now at the municipal pound.

Never seen

Patrick Charbonneau, mayor of Mirabel, admits that this is the first time that the tranquility of his city has been disturbed in this way.

“There have been many questions about the safety of citizens. For the car to make so much noise, yes, there have been modifications to the vehicle, but there are probably elements of speed in all this, ”explains the mayor.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Noël / Facebook / Instagram

He also invites Quebec to review its Highway Safety Code to legislate on this type of behavior in the future.

“Especially for repeat offenders who really come to disturb the tranquility of citizens. When you give a report on a car modified for nuisance and noise, unfortunately, there are no demerit points that are removed from a licence,” concludes Mr. Charbonneau.

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