“His greatest pride? Do not score points « 

In theory, all players only dream of one thing: scoring points. It is not a coincidence if the young people start by imitating the gestures of the best strikers in the league… But a legend didn’t give a damn about all that. In fact, it even seems that this icon of the 90 ′ took great pleasure in not marking!

If basketball is made up of many more or less complicated rules to grasp, the most important remains the simplest: you have to put the orange ball in the basket. Moreover, this is largely how we recognize the best players of all time … Michael jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, all had or have the ability to score with ease.

But another legend did not have the ambition to put points, which makes it so unique in history … Indeed, as Steve Kerr tells it in the Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks Podcast, Dennis Rodman refused to score free baskets! He was prouder than anything to have an impact without it!

I think his greatest pride was not scoring a point. It was really, really strange when we were both playing in Chicago, because in some games he would take offensive rebounds, find himself alone under the basket, but rather than go up to the lay-up he would pull the ball out with the hope to see us fail to take a second straight rebound …

The worst part is that he understood the intricacies of the triangle attack immediately… It sincerely took him 3 days only to assimilate the system while some never understood. He had a great feeling on the pitch and could have scored so many more points… But he wanted to be Dennis.

Throughout his career, Dennis Rodman has distinguished himself by his improbable statistics which often lacked scoring … Just look at his mind-blowing numbers during his visit to San Antonio to realize it ! A player who is able to take 11 offensive rebounds in a Finals game for only 9 points was not actually looking to score …

Dennis Rodman was a unique player, this anecdote proves it again! The craziest thing is that it had an impact monstrous without scoring a single point… Not for lack of talent, but for lack of desire!

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