“Him, a star? He wouldn’t even be a #2 option in a champion. »

Confidence is key to progressing in the NBA, and Kyle Kuzma has it in spades. Except that according to a former player, the Wizards player had better calm down a bit… The ex-teammate of LeBron James was literally dismantled.

His Wizards are in the soft underbelly of the league with only 11 wins for 14 losses (11th in the Eastern Conference), but Kyle Kuzma can be satisfied with his start to the season. With more than 20 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists per game, the winger confirms hopes after an interesting first campaign in the capital. This could also quickly be followed by a reward, since the person concerned would have to sign a very big contract in the coming months.

Clearly, the one who was NBA champion with LeBron James at the Lakers has plenty to be confident about, and he actually thinks he’s a full-fledged orange ball star. An assertion that does not please some, however, starting with Chandler Parsons. The former player recently spoke about Kuz’ and if he actually thinks that this one will receive a nice check, he advises him to revise his judgment as to his status:

Chandler Parsons Destroys Kyle Kuzma

Ignorance is bliss with him. He has confidence in himself. He thinks he’s a star… I don’t even think he could be a first or second option in a champion team. I never thought he’d be All-Star, but he’s going to get paid.

This is particularly cash from the retiree, who did not spare number 33. That being said, the diatribe loses some of its violence coming from him… because Parsons has remained in the collective imagination as one of the most rotten contracts of recent years, he who had initialed a lease at almost 100 million dollars dollars after a good season at the Rockets. Whether it was at the Mavs or the Grizzlies, he never confirmed, a detail that fans did not fail to remind him of:

I find it funny that you can say that, it’s like looking in a mirror, huh?? You thought you were a star and you got paid $94 million in Memphis just for being absolutely worthless and you spent more time injured than dressed for that $94 million

Kuzma’s bounty will be worth double, if not triple Parsons’

Chandler Parsons is obviously not a big fan of Kyle Kuzma, who took a real missile from the former winger. But given the way the latter’s career ended, of course he is in a good position to pass judgment…

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