Hicham Dguig… 3 times the World Cup. In Kenitra they call him… Fergusson. – Le7tv.ma

Hicham Dguig… 3 times the World Cup.
In Kenitra they call him… Fergusson.

By Regragui Nourreddine.

Mini football with 6 players and a heavy ball (that of eleven-a-side football especially when it rains). Kenitra capital of African Futsal. No, I am not exaggerating. Yes, that’s it, from the upper town to the Khabazattes, young and old alike have a blast.
Ajax Kénitra leader and at the same time, the KAC in big football. The Doumou, Jamai, Anafal Hcina, the ANTPK, Boussati, the Basket, the village, the Americans, the Sebou and that happiness.

Here will be born a whole generation of young players and later, they will become, either, technicians or leaders. Bouzad, Ghouilla and Hicham Dguig and certainly that I forgot.

To each his own destiny .Hicham that we find nowadays in front of the powerful Brazil. Hard-working and self-taught, FIFA instructor. Hicham perfectly represents the Moroccan product and as you will notice, the FRMF did not go looking for a Welsh, Bosnian, Gaul or South American.
3 times the world cup (Thailand, Colombia and Lithuania) Never a world coach, football at 11 or 5, has achieved this feat.
Ville Haute, Khabazattes, Saknia, Hallala, Sebou, Ajax, Gharb in nature, its football league with a native Hakim Doumou, a man of the field and all his team work … here, we are proud of our children and all of Morocco shares this feeling.
Fergusson or Maurinho. Hicham Dguig. Our friendships.
Well done.

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