Hey, the Knicks playing early on a Saturday night, wouldn’t that be the opportunity to have a good game?

Nine games on the program for this new NBA night, no huge shocks but a few epicenters all the same throughout the night. With a starter served from 11 p.m., because it’s the weekend and the weekend you can afford. Send the menu!


  • 11 p.m .: Knicks – Rockets
  • 1h: Pacers – Pelicans
  • 1h: Wizards – Heat
  • 1h30: Hawks – Hornets
  • 1h30: Celtics – Thunder
  • 2h: Bucks – Magic
  • 2h: Wolves – Grizzlies
  • 4h: Blazers – Sixers
  • 4h: Kings – Jazz


Knicks – Rockets (23h): Knicks who have struggled for weeks to produce even a semblance of basketball, who drool to become the solid defense they were last season, who shit to put more than two shots in a row in the basket . No alarm bells, not yet, but the need has become quite urgent to (re) start the machine, and tonight the Rockets’ visit to Madison represents a great opportunity. We’re talking about a Houston team that hasn’t won a game since the ’60s and is producing a game akin to kid’s vomit, so if you’re a Knicks fan this game has all of the perfect launch to get back to playing, and winning.


  • The holders of the Pacers who have things to be forgiven against the Pels who are back to being a real basketball team
  • The shock of the evening between the Wizards and the Heat, with a podium from the East to solidify
  • Three wins in a row for the Hawks, five for the Hornets, your logical mind has understood that one of the two series will end tonight
  • The Celtics who must start the second against a Thunder who amazes
  • The least balanced game of the night between the Bucks and the Magic, finally on paper
  • Who’s the strongest ? The bear or the wolf?
  • Damian Lillard who wants to become Damian Lillard again
  • A focus on the best player of the Sixers, we are talking about Tyrese Maxey of course
  • The WTF match of the night, because Kings and WTF rhyme, finally we understood each other

Beginning of hostilities 11 p.m., end around seven in the morning, and tomorrow you pawn quiet. This is not a program, it is downright heaven.

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