« He’s the real traitor, not Ben Simmons »

Since his final absence for Game 4 between Nets and Celtics, Ben Simmons has placed himself as the target of all criticism… or almost. A former league player has indeed supported him in this event, demolishing a legend in the process!

If he thought he would escape the media and fan relentlessness by joining the Nets, he was definitely mistaken. Arriving in Brooklyn during the season, Ben Simmons ultimately made no appearance there. Defended body and soul by his teammates, even the most prestigious of themhe is however much less so by the rest of the NBA community in the face of this terrible observation for him.

Reggie Miller robbed in Simmons case

Following the announcement of his unavailability for Game 4 against the Celtics, synonymous with elimination for his team, Simmons had to endure a violent wave of reproaches. Even more when his polemical excuse to explain this absence was revealed to the general public. On Twitter, Reggie Miller was one of his detractors, with a message filled with resentment concerning Big Ben.

Seriously mate!!! Package for Game 4 while in the rumors, it was announced that you were going to make your debut. This guy has NO competitive spirit. As slim as the Nets’ chances of returning to this series are, you still have KD and Kyrie on your side. All you need is to win ONE game and ride it.. #BeAMan

An opinion shared by many observers, but not by Royce White. Former member of the league, the latter did not sign a great career there, the fault of a fear of flying and too harmful psychological concerns. Since then, he has appeared as the spokesperson for the players on the subject. He therefore wanted to defend Simmons in the show Fearless with Jason Whitlockcropping curtly Uncle Reg!

Reggie is a sellout. Let’s be serious: half of the people who comment on things like that, they do it so as not to talk about the more important things. They get their check back for talking about these trivial issues, so I don’t really give them importance. When I see Reggie Miller make a comment like that, I say it’s a sellout. He’s the real traitor, not Ben Simmons.

For Royce White, Reggie Miller would worry too much about the basketball aspect, and not necessarily enough about the health and mental state of Ben Simmons. Finally a speech that can put some balm in the heart of the Australian!

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