“He’s the only player with that phone number, even LeBron doesn’t! »

A league figurehead for more than a decade, LeBron James often claims to be more than just an athlete. As such, he necessarily has an ultra-supplied address book… but not as much as one of his peers according to Jason Kidd!

He may not have been considered the best player in the league for a few seasons now, but he remains the most emblematic personality. Over his 19-year career, LeBron James has truly established himself as the king of the NBA. Because of his influence, he regularly happens to have a big impact on the major decisions of the latter… in the same way as other stars.

The Huge Chris Paul Touch LeBron Wouldn’t Have

Very vocal following the numerous killings that took place on the sidelines of the Orlando bubble, in 2020, LeBron was then part of a small group of players gathered to decide on the follow-up to the season. His attitude had then disappointed many people, unlike that of Chris Paul. Relaunched on the subject recently, Jason Kidd recalled with pleasure the phone call made by the leader of the Suns to… Barack Obama:

It was amazing to hear him on the phone. First of all, the fact that Chris Paul was able to call him that, it was pretty unique. You have to have quite an address book to have that person’s number in their phone. He’s probably the only player to have it. I believe even LeBron said he didn’t have it at the time!

Even if he had not occupied the White House for a few years already at that time, Barack Obama had then given valuable tips for league membersas Kidd recalls:

It was really cool to hear President Obama and his remarks about how we should handle certain things. I thought LeBron, CP, Westbrook, Melo and all the guys that were at that meeting really did a great job of making sure that, one, we could keep playing basketball, and two, that they could make sure the world hears their message.

On the other hand, there is still doubt that LeBron does not have the number of the former American head of state. Because after all, the King has launched a big project with the latter just a few months later!

Friend or close to countless world celebrities, sports or not, LeBron James would not be able to call Barack Obama when he wants according to J-Kidd. His great friend Chris Paul can therefore tell it to himself thanks to this!

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