« He’s the best outside prospect since LeBron »


Announced as one of the most talented in many years, the 2021 Draft has some nuggets that shouldn’t have any trouble shining in the NBA. For Kendrick Perkins, one of the top picks simply deserves to be compared to… LeBron James.

As tradition dictates, the 2021 cuvée had to undergo the test of reconciliations with its predecessors. However, unlike some of them, it holds on paper the high dragee of the most prestigious all-time wines. Filled with young talents who are eager to reveal themselves to the general public, and to mark the history of the league, the last Draft has just revealed its verdict.

In addition to its depth, the latter stands out thanks to its main representatives, whose potential has long made scouts and journalists salivate. And if Jalen Green, Jalen Suggs or even Jonathan Kuminga can claim the honorary title of best outside player in their group, Cade Cunningham remains the main favorite to inherit it. For Kendrick Perkins, the latter is even the biggest prospect of its kind since … Lebron james !

I will dare to go back to the 2003 Draft, and compare him to LeBron James. He is the most complete player. In terms of size, LeBron landed in the league at 2m06 and 102 kilos. Cade Cunningham? 2m03 and 100 kilos. When you look at him on offense he really has no flaws. Can he improve? Sure ! But he can take you in, fake you, he has good enough handles to create his own shot, and he’s great at making others around him better.

A magnificent description, which justifies the comparison between the new star of the Pistons and the King. This one doesn’t stop at the offensive aspect for Perk, who half-heartedly predicts Cunningham will be voted Rookie of the Year.

In defense, he can score positions 1 to 5! He has the size, the energy and the mindset to do it. When I look at LeBron’s stats on his rookie season – 20 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists – I tell myself that Cade can do the same! Now, he might not be as athletic as LeBron, but he is already quite enough.

Despite his immense enthusiasm for the 1st pick, the former pivot concludes his tirade by showing moderation, recalling that the road is still long for him before placing himself at the height of LBJ.

The future looks bright for this kid, he reminds me a lot of LeBron James, but he still has a long way to go.

Has the NBA finally found the “LeBron 2.0” so long awaited for years? In the eyes of Kendrick Perkins, it is destiny that seems in any case promised to Cade Cunningham.


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