« He’s the best in the world, the best in history »


Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the best in history for Arturo Vidal. Former teammates at FC Barcelona, ​​the Chilean international did not hesitate to put Argentina above the rest during an interview granted a few months ago to the TNT media.

Last July against Brazil, Lionel Messi succeeded after several attempts, to win the Copa America with the Albiceleste. A coronation that makes the happiness of the new player of Paris Saint-Germain, but also of Vidal as he mentioned.

“I congratulated him, he was very happy. It was what I needed. He’s the best in the world, the best in history. He won everything, but the selection was lacking. I think that was what he needed to be happy in football. And he succeeds. He did it with a lot of effort. He played in the World Cup final, lost two Cups (America) and did not give up. He’s a winner. He deserved it. That’s why everyone, not just in Argentina, wanted Leo to win, ”said the South American.



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