« He’s my most difficult opponent, he followed you to the locker room »

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry is considered one of the greatest strikers in football history. In the Premier League, he left an indelible mark. However, Henry has faced some tough defenders throughout his career. and the toughest of them is the Nigerian, Taribo West.

The two men met several times. first in France, when West played at Auxerre and Thierry Henry at Monaco, then in Italy, when Henry was at Juve and West at Inter Milan, then in the Premier League, when the Frenchman played at Arsenal and the Nigerian in Derby.

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“My toughest direct opponent? I would say Taribo West. Because'[à Auxerre], they tagged the man. He (West) followed you everywhere, even in the locker room. said Thierry Henry, in comments reported by Africanfootball.

Having retired from professional football in 2008, West is now a pastor in the Nigerian city of Lagos.

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