« He’s already preparing for … »: the disastrous video of James Harden in the evening!


Ready to join a new destination, James Harden has already asked the Sixers to trade him for a few weeks. It is possible that he will still be present at the start of the school year, but do not count on him to make an effort when he returns. Not given his recent video.

Eager to leave the 76ers to join a new team, James Harden finds himself stuck for the time being, a bit like Damian Lillard with the Blazers. He does not control his future, even if Daryl Morey tries today to find him a way out. Issue ? The manager’s request is too great to date, to the point of scaring off the rare contenders for a Barbu trade.

James Harden far from ready for the season

If no one wants to back down, Harden may still be a member of the 76ers when training camp begins in September. Not good news for him, so he decided to send a message: out of the question for him to make an effort to prepare. The former Rocket goes on with drunken evenings and… burgers.

“Harden is already preparing for his appearance in training camp”

Shortly before leaving the Rockets, we remember that Harden had gained weight, as if to force his team’s hand. Perhaps he is doing the same thing to the 76ers, who is regularly cited to join the Clippers. Nevertheless, such an attitude must rather frighten the suitors at the present time.

It’s getting harder and harder to defend him

Harden is gonna look like this

James Harden does not seem to be concerned about the start of the school year. The Bearded is enjoying his vacation, and will take stock at training camp, much to the chagrin of the 76ers. We imagine that such behavior does not go unnoticed on the market.


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