« He’s 12 or what?! “: Luka Doncic dilapidated for his purchase at $ 200,000!

While he has benefited since the start of the season from his huge contract signed in the summer of 2021, Luka Doncic can afford some financial cracks. The latest, which he proudly displayed for all to see, however, did not please everyone!

Unlike other young players whose rookie contract is about to come to an end, his extension to the max was not a shadow of a doubt. Luka Doncic has also proven since the start of the season that he has not stolen the $ 207 million that the Mavericks have agreed to pay him in 2021. With his 33.0 points, 8.9 rebounds and 8.4 assists on average, he had to even felt deserving of a big reward lately.

Luka Doncic’s monstrous new vehicle gunned down

Unlike a Devin Booker, who seems to be more passionate about old legendary models, Doncic shows a certain penchant for large modern vehicles. He confirmed it in recent days in making the buzz with its arrival in an XXL machine at the American Airlines Center. The price and characteristics of his new « tank » have just been revealed, and logically shocked more than one:

Last week, Luka Doncic showed up at the game against the Hawks in a custom Hellfire Apocalypse 6×6… which costs $200,000 💰 It’s a heavily modified Jeep Gladiator with thermal and night vision cameras, five hyper-horns powerful and nitro equipment. 🤯

A car crack among many others among the stars of the league, but which received an icy reception on the web:

Imagine doing all that just to lose to the Hawks at home…and to the Wizards a few days later.

He’s 12 or what?!

As a good Texan by adoption, Luka Doncic has put the means to afford an all-terrain vehicle in which he clearly does not go unnoticed. This one does not really reap the support of all Internet users, but seems to delight the Slovenian!

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