Herrera robbed, a prostitute accuses

Passing through the Bois de Boulogne, Ander Herrera had his wallet and his phone stolen by a prostitute who entered his car. A « shaky » story according to some observers …

 » How long did they decide to make people laugh for? Until the end of the season? All the life ? »Daniel Riolo went there with his small tackle on the PSG when commenting on the theft suffered by Ander Herrera. According to the story of his entourage, the 32-year-old Spanish midfielder, after an event at the Parc des Princes on Tuesday evening, was attacked by a prostitute in the Bois de Boulogne. The transvestite entered the player’s vehicle to steal his wallet and phone.

The former player of Manchester United, arrived in the capital in 2019, lodged a complaint with the police, but  » the whole story is flawed “, Thus estimates the journalist of RMC, Wednesday evening. Rather improbably, the news item was one of the subjects of debate on the day’s show. Do not touch My TV. The star presenter Cyril Hanouna even invited a prostitute knowledgeable about the practices of the Bois de Boulogne.

 » he negotiated a pass with the girl, he did the kéké ”

 » Cyril, Did he say he stopped at a traffic light? No prostitute works near a fire yet. Because it can cause accidents, pileup. We try to step back or 20 meters « , Assured Samantha, before explaining: » he negotiated a pass with the girl, he did the keke, he had to say ‘yeah I’m a footballer, I’m pissed off‘, he took out a 50-dollar bill but had to open the wallet and what happened « .

Surprising accusations that did not really push the usual TPMP columnists to defend Ander Herrera. Gilles Verdez, former reporter for The team and speaker of We are replaying the match, even ended up throwing: «  without prejudice, there is something weird « . It is also a questionable story for the writer Geraldine Maillet, who is, moreover, the wife of Daniel Riolo.

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