Herrera looks back on the incidents in Ligue 1

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Arrived in 2019, Ander Herrera saw the situation in the Ligue 1 stands deteriorate. This season, incidents are on the increase. Fights, bottle throwing… the image of the French championship is deteriorating. During an interview for Mundo Deportivo, the Spaniard praised Ligue 1, before giving his opinion on the recent incidents.

 » That’s a shame. I love the atmosphere, the singing ultras, the full stadiums and the supporters who accompany us far from home. You even get a hostile reception when playing outside. But there is a limit. You cannot throw bottles on the field or invade the fields. It doesn’t help anyone. We all need to work together to prevent these things from happening. (…) I have no response. I do not understand. I don’t think the confinement in France affected more than elsewhere. There is no justification for the violence, ”said the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder.

to summarize

Ander Herrera regrets the recent incidents in France. The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder has no explanation for these events.

Clement Lefebvre

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