Here’s how to add horses to your Lamborghini…

This colt is really pampered. Sitting on the passenger’s lap, he is entitled to a ride in a Lamborghini. Just that. And horses, he can see under the hood because this kind of car has it in spades.

The author of the video, he immediately drew his phone to film this improbable scene and we can understand it. But one thing is certain, the foal does not seem at all worried or anxious by this mode of transport, quite the contrary. He is quietly installed without even worrying about the road in front of him.

Let’s just say that he shouldn’t get used to it either because in a few years, he won’t be able to fit in this Lamborghini anymore…

But after all, this is a transport like any other. It’s true, owners of supercars like this sometimes have similar problems to others.

One more horse?

Can we really count this colt as one more horse on the technical sheet of this Lambo’? The real question is not that but rather what will the police think of it in the event of an inspection? Because yes, it is not certain that they really appreciate this kind of transport.

Clement Fauriel

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