Here are the helmets NFL players will be wearing in the coming weeks


In an effort to reduce head injuries, the NFL requires some players to wear additional protection over their helmets during training camp.

Linemen, inserted wingers and linebackers will have to wear what is called the Guardian Cap at all practices until the second exhibition game.

Let’s say it gives them a particular look.

Some teams have decided to impose the wearing of helmets for all players. This is the case with the Pittsburgh Steelers for example.


The Guardian Cap helmet was developed more than a decade ago, but this is the first time NFL professionals have been required to wear it.

As this NFL Network report explains, the piece of gear reduces the impact of helmet-to-helmet impacts by 10% to 20%.

What do the players think?

Looks really silly, but it’s good protection.

Pat Freiermuth, Pittsburgh Steelers

That’s a fairly honest answer. But why is it mandatory only for such a short period of time? Why not make it mandatory for the whole season?

At least it’s the NFL’s first step in the right direction.


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