Here are the 8 French pharmacy products that American women envy us according to TikTok

It’s now official: Marianne finally wins over Uncle Sam, France vs. the United States, at least when it comes to French pharmacy products. And the figures are more than eloquent on the subject: in 2021, the French cosmetics industry exported more than 16.2 billion euros of products, i.e. more than 2.5% compared to 2019 (source Febea). The conclusion is therefore clear: the beauty know-how made in France is more than envied across the Atlantic. It must be said that our pharmaceutical expertise has proven itself. Nothing better than blue drops Innoxa to treat dry eyes, or Biafine to soothe sunburn. A scientifically proven cosmetic mastery that has finally convinced many beauty gurus on social networks, including TikTok. The proof is with the hashtag #french pharmacy skincare, which has generated more than 75 million views on the platform. The trend of the moment? Propose a ranking of the best French pharmacy products. The opportunity to (re)discover favorites frenchy of our American neighbours…

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What are the favorite pharmacy products of French women?

Backstage pros aren’t the only ones to seize cult products tucked away in French pharmacies and hijack them. Models are also fans of these treatments that pamper the skin to infinity, particularly recommended as the winter season approaches. The French Camille Rowe, Maeva Giani Marshall, Constance Jablonski and Louise Lefebure reveal, exclusively on, the 3 products they systematically shop when passing through Paris.

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What are the 8 favorite French pharmacy products of American women?

The obsession of American women has always been to draw inspiration from the “less is more” beauty look of French women, known for that “je ne sais quoi” giving them a simple, yet strangely magnetic allure. So what could be better than copying their favorite routine and products to get there? Here are the top 8 French pharmacy products that American women are snapping up right now, according to TikTok :

1 . Caudalie beauty water

His reputation is well established. Cult product from the Bordeaux brand Caudalie, the Eau de Beauté seduces with its multifunctional use. Refreshing mist, make-up base, fixing spray, moisturizer: this miracle water has the good points. It is therefore quite logical that it also succumbed to the beauty addicts American, becoming the top 1 of many of them on TikTok.

Beauty water – Caudalie 100ml

35 €

Caudalie via

2. Biafine emulsion

A great summer classic, the emulsion Biaphine is simply irreplaceable for treating sunburn. With its signature scent and recognizable packaging, this cream is a holiday essential, which has saved many skins since its creation in 1971. A transgenerational beauty reflex that the United States envies us, and hastens to shop throughout the year.

Biafine – Emulsion for skin application

5 €

Biafine via

3. Prodigious Nuxe Oil

Best-selling brand, Huile Prodigieuse Nuxé has been widely proven. His secret? Combining olfactory softness and undeniable moisturizing action. With its scent of orange blossom, bitter orange and mirabelle plum, this dry oil nourishes the body and face as much as the hair. A triple application that more than convinced our American neighbors.

Nuxe – Prodigious Oil


Nuxe via

4. A313 ointment

Enriched with vitamin A, which promotes hydration of the epidermis, the ointment A313 overcomes all skin dryness. Exit crocodile skin, this cream is the ultimate beauty secret for treating irritations, and even skin dermatitis. A go to that the Americans themselves are tearing themselves apart.

Ointment for dry skin – A313


A313 via

5. Dexeryl Cream

body cream Dexeril is the family product par excellence. Nourishing the skin like no other, it’s the ultimate in hydration. A very French beauty reflex that Americans seem to envy us.

Body cream – Dexeryl


Dexeryl via Santé

6. Homéoplasmine balm

It is clearly the favorite French product of all parents. An aborted stunt, a « bobo », chapped lips: all the children have had recourse toHomeoplasmin at least one time. Multifunction balm with healing and soothing properties, it is an essential that the United States therefore dreams of stealing from us!

Cream – Homeplasmin

5 €

Homeoplasmin via

7. Innoxa drops

It is the flagship product of Innoxa Laboratories, whose success has been undisputed since 1950. And for good reason: the blue drops are a small miracle for dry and tired eyes. With their signature color based on methylene blue, they are therefore a universal beauty reflex, of which even Virginie Efira can’t happen.

Blue eye drops – Innoxa Laboratories


Innoxa Laboratories

8. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Cream

Last but not leastthis anti-blemish cream from La Roche-Posay has become a real obsession for the beauty gurus of TikTok. To be applied directly to pimples, it reduces them and makes them disappear in 12 hours. Its fresh gel texture and non-greasy finish make it the perfect anti-blemish treatment that American women can’t live without!

La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo(+)


La Roche Posay via

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